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Reformed Vampire Support Group – Catherine Jinks

Published by Allen & Unwin - RRP $22.99

Published by Allen & Unwin - RRP $22.99

First of all, this page contains an interview I did with Catherine Jinks for Booktopia. Check it out. It’s the first filmed interview I’ve done and I hope to be doing more. But on with the review:

You can’t swing a metaphorical cat in a book store these days in fear of hitting yet another sexy new vampire fantasy full of glamorous fanged vigilantes.

Even Nina (she’s the one on the cover sporting a fetching yellow cardigan) is in on the act. She spends her boring, lonely nights penning the bestselling adventures of superhuman, super suave Zadia Bloodstone.

But Nina knows how much of a fantasy vampires like Zadia actually are. That’s because Nina is a REAL vampire and her life definitely ain’t no Stephenie Meyer novel. In fact, being a real vampire is more like having a killer flu, all night, every night, forever. Nina and the other members of the Reformed Vampire Support Group have sworn off ever drinking human blood to ensure they don’t pass on their infection to any other humans. Unfortunately the substitute diet of guinea pig blood leaves them tired and sickly and in need of constant emotional support. Seriously, the only good thing to happen since Nina was bitten back in 1971 was the advent of online shopping!

But when one of Nina’s friends is found with a stake through his heart they realise there is a slayer on the lose. Their only chance is to find the killer before he finds them. And then what? Reason with him? But what else can reformed vampire do?

Wonderfully subversive, filled with brilliant comic dialogue and not without its fair share of vampire romance either, The Reformed Vampire Support Group is far more interesting and satisfying than any of the stereotyped fang-lit clogging the bookshelves today.

Click here to watch my interview with Catherine Jinks about her new book

*This review was written by me for the SF & Fantasy Buzz, the science fiction and fantasy newsletter for*

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