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Young Adult Book of the Month: August 2009

Vulture's Gate - Kirsty Murray

Vulture's Gate - Mad Max with Roborapters

VULTURE’S GATE – Kirsty Murray

40 years in the future, a plague has destroyed human’s ability to conceive females. In the Australian desert the roving bands of outstationers have cut ties with the Colony government, living out a merciless, womanless future in the outback.

In this all male world, young Callum is kidnapped from his fathers’ and sold into slavery. Taking his one chance to escape, he finds himself alone and close to death in the desert only to be rescued by someone who shouldn’t even be alive: Bo, a young girl living a solitary life as a technohunter with only her pack of faithful roborapters for company.

Pursued by his relentless captors, Callum and Bo seek out the safe haven of Vulture’s Gate, not knowing what they will find or who they can trust.

Reminiscent of The Knife of Never Letting Go, with all the grit and action of Mad Max, this is an edge of your seat thrill ride through a disturbing vision of the future. Brilliant from start to finish. Recommended for everyone from 13+ to adults.

This post adapted from my article in the Booktopia SF & Fantasy Buzz

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