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Et al. is an abbreviation of the Latin et allia, meaning “and others”. Fiction et al. is a Publishing Consultancy helping publishers and authors of fiction and all other genres make better books and better business decisions.

Fiction et al.  is a Publishing Consultancy founded by Richard Bilkey, a writer, editor and book coach based in Paris, France. Richard helps Independent Publishers and Self-published Authors navigate the the modern digital publishing landscape, make stronger connections with their readers, and ultimately sell more books. 

Richard witnessed first hand the revolution in digital publishing and the rise of Indie and Self Publishing while running Brumby Books & Music, one of Australia’s largest Book Distributors, where he helped hundreds of publishers and authors promote and distribute their books. For every publishable book that he received, however, there were dozens of self-published titles that were too poorly written or unprofessionally produced to ever make it to market.

With eBooks, Print on Demand, and Digital Publishing Software making it easier than ever to turn you manuscript into a sell-able and ship-able product, millions of writers are now going straight from their desktop to the shelves of Amazon. But with so many new self-published authors flooding virtual shelves, how do you make your book stand out and reach it’s audience?

Fiction et al. prepares authors and indie publishers for success by helping them build everything from their First Draft, to their Author Platform, and their Marketing and Distribution Plans. Richard can also offer advice and guidance to publishers on Print and Digital Distribution, Book Metadata, and emerging Publishing Business Models.

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More About Richard

Richard BilkeyRichard has been selling books since he was a student, working at the UNSW Bookshop. He then set up and managed an Independent Bookshop with his father while completing his MA in Creative Writing. He wrote the Sci-fi & Fantasy newsletter for and was a regular reviewer for the Bookseller & Publisher Magazine.

Richard worked as an Account Manager with Random House Australia before managing the book department for the online retailer, and the independent book distributor, Brumby Books & Music.

He coordinated the eBooks and eReading strategy for Samsung Electronics Australia, before moving to France, to complete his MBA at HEC Paris. He offers consulting and Book Coaching support to authors and self-publishers through Fiction et al. and can be contacted at

You can keep up to date with Richard’s Blog for publishing advice, book reviews and opinions on the changing face of the book industry in the 21st Century.

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About Richard

Richard Bilkey has been selling, marketing and distributing books for over ten years, managing independent bookshops, a major online retailer and, most recently, one of Australia's largest Independent Book Distributors, Brumby Books.

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