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Publishing is in a state of disruption and traditional publishing business models that rely on print sales through bookshops are no longer sustainable. Online retailing, eBooks and the rise of cheap self-publishing options have forever changed the relationships publishers have with their writers, readers and booksellers. Readers are increasingly discovering, purchasing and reading books from online retail, eReading apps or other digital marketplaces and authors now have the tools to publish, promote and distribute their own books into these sales channels.

Independent Publishers in particular must focus on providing a greater range of services to their authors, to connect them more closely with their audience and making their books more discoverable in emerging online marketplaces. They must also be open to new business models that better fit the new digital publishing landscape by creating new spaces for readers to discover your books.

Richard is a digital publishing specialist with a detailed understanding of online book retail, eBook distribution, book metadata and digital marketing. He also helps publishers create new verticals to their business, to create new sources of revenue beyond traditional book sales.

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editorial-services01Whether you are writing marketing copy for business, labouring over the references in a thesis or re-working the tenth draft of your novel, a good editor can help bring it all together and add that final polish to your text.

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The written word seems ubiquitous these days.We have become so used to it in our lives that we barely notice most of it any more. A cursory glance at your immediate surroundings will reveal numerous examples of written text that will never draw your full attention. Consider this when you have a message of your own to be heard among this cacophony. How will your text stand out from so much white noise?

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About Richard

Richard Bilkey has been selling, marketing and distributing books for over ten years, managing independent bookshops, a major online retailer and, most recently, one of Australia's largest Independent Book Distributors, Brumby Books.

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