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The written word seems ubiquitous these days.We have become so used to it in our lives that we barely notice most of it any more. A cursory glance at your immediate surroundings will reveal numerous examples of written text that will never draw your full attention. Consider this when you have a message of your own to be heard among this cacophony. How will your text stand out from so much white noise?

A professional copywriter understands how to target an audience and craft your message into an engaging and persuasive text that will stand out, demand attention and achieve its purpose. I offer the following copywriting services:

  • Reviews
  • Articles and Editorials
  • Sales and Marketing Material
  • Media Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Web Copy
  • Book Blurbs

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to arrange a quote:

About Richard

Richard Bilkey has been selling, marketing and distributing books for over ten years, managing independent bookshops, a major online retailer and, most recently, one of Australia's largest Independent Book Distributors, Brumby Books.

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