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editorial-services01Whether you are writing marketing copy for business, labouring over the references in a thesis or re-working the tenth draft of your novel, a good editor can help bring it all together and add that final polish to your text.

Editors are objective and meticulous and will ensure your work is not only error free but also consistent and clear in communicating your message or story. Each piece of writing will require a different level and type of editing but in general I can provide the following:

  • Copy Editing: A standard edit to rid the text of errors in spelling, grammar and formatting, as well as to ensure consistency and clarity throughout the document. This is recommended for all works.
  • Structural Edit: A more in-depth copy edit recommended for non-academic works, involving collaboration with the author on larger structures within the piece. This may include plot development and characterisation and in fiction or argument structure in non-fiction.
  • Proof Reading: A final check before publication to pick up any errors missed in previous drafts or introduced in the design stage. This is a minimal edit performed after more detailed editing. Recommended for all works.
  • Manuscript Assessment: A service offered to writers seeking the next step towards publication. Before sending your manuscript to agents or publishers a manuscript assessor will give you an honest report of its readiness for publication and provide feedback on how to best improve your chances of having it accepted.

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